Andrzej Bucikiewicz - VOCALS

Jarek Pieczonka - GUITARS

Maciej Boroś - GUITARS

Michał Kijewski - BASS

Arek Lewandowski - DRUMS


Medebor was founded In 1997 by Andrzej and Jarek In Gdańsk, Poland. At the end of 1998 the band was complete thanks to Michał, Maciek and Karol Jankowski.

With this lineup Medebor recorded two demo CD's - "Stars Of Oblivion" (1999) and "Last Dream" (2000). Both releases was warm taken in Polish and European underground thanks to a lot of reviews and concerts.

In the middle of 2000 Karol Jankowski was replaced by Arek - with new drummer the band started to prepare new material for their debut album "Phantasma" released in 2003 by Apocalypse Productions.

In 2004 Arek decided to leave band for six years. Between 2004-2010 Mateusz Lubawski was responsible for drums and played some concerts with the band.

In the beginning of 2011 with new-old drummer Medebor started to prepare music for their second full length album which was recorded in winter of 2012 and its working title is "A Taste Of Insanity". Currently Medebor is looking for a label for their new material.

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