Stars of Oblivion 1. Ageless Rites
2. Lunar Death
3. Forever (We Are Not...?)
4. Polaris
5. Pale Dimensions ( infinitum...)
6. Thousand Start Ablaze

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Clearsound Studio, Gdynia, October 1999

Produced & mixed: Piotr Szerszeń & medebor
Front cover & design: Krzysztof Drapała & Medebor

Last Dream 1. Chalice of Aeons
2. Forever II (...alone...)
3. Forever III (...into your arms...)
4. Enigma

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Little Bird Studio, Gdynia in Spring 2000

Engineer: Marcin Popek
Assistant engineer: Jarosław Stafańczak
Mix and mastering: Artur Przygoda
Produced by Medebor and Artur Przygoda
All lyrics by Andrzej
All Music by Młody and Maciek
Front cover, layout and design by Hubert Arent & Andrzej

Phantasma 1. Phantasma
2. Crown Of Pain
3. Arch Mysteria
4. Thousand Stars Ablaze
5. Starlight
6. Amok (Weep In Delerium)
7. Ghosts In The Fog
8. Enigma
9. Sweet Holocaust
10. Time Of Revelation
11. Dark Muse

All Music by Jarek & Maciek
All lyrics by Andrzej
Recorded & mixed in DBX Studio, Warsaw, 2001
Mastered by Grzegorz Piwkowski, 2003
Produced by Jacek Melnicki & Medebor
Cover cocept & lay out by Mittloff (Apocalypse Prod.)
Band foto: Przemysław Raczoń
Guest: Jacek Melnicki - keyboards

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