Chalice of Aeons

It's getting dark it's so alluring
Phantasmagoria's bliss dances in my sleep
Liquid so cold in abeyance I drink
Absinthe in the chalice will redeem the aeons

And after dark I fell the unspoken sympathy
Do I have to knell is this all for me

Banes on my paths are dancing nearby
They're dragging on in filth and dust
I'm going blind I'm dying slow
With red blindfold I bear my pain once more

And after dark I fell the unspoken sympathy
Do I have to knell is this all for me

The sweetest pleasure of the morning sun
Has become into solemn amber burial

Thousands years of suffering
Thousands years of yearning
Neverending silence
But eternal dreaming

Forever II (...alone...)

Black shades was making circles around mine
Bloody mouths they were opening delightfully
And drops of blood fell with rain
But my love is stronger than death angel's shade
All steel gates of hell won't stand my anger
When drops of blood shall fall with rain

I shall fall to your feets and this pitiless glow
of my heart shall melt the gates and dispere
the shades in mists
I hear a cry in the dark lying on wreath of stars
I hear your calls in the storm when anger absorbs
my soul

I see this recess of Elysian fields
I'm trying to escape from this black avalanche
So I go and I don't see you
I die and the night freezes me with rains
The wind is touching me anger transpiring
So I go and I don't see you

I shall fall...

Your hair so soft and spring
Your eyes laughing at me
Your voice so distant I hear

I'm still waiting for you my sweet one
I'm still dreaming of you my sweet one

Your hair...

I shall fall...

Anger absorbs my soul
Tells me I'll be alone
Depth of my soul
Cries and cries...

...I don't want to be forever alone...

Forever III (...into your arms...)

I come to you at night with northern wind
In mist and rain I knee upon the lake
I want to see your arms to fell your warmth
I've been waiting for so long
To live in your heart again

I won't let you perish now
We are forgiven yet
Your eyes burn once more
Your arms call me again

Is this your voice this cry I hear at night
Is this your face in the waters of the lake
This rain though I drink its every drop
So destroyed I rise my hands
To live in your heart again

I won't let...

Together we are...

Forever we are...



My eyes are the light of every shining star
My limbs are the diameters of whole universe
I've seen birth and death of many suns
I've seen your birth (ye) twists of evolution

I am Enigma
God of all your gods
I am Fate
And every coincidence

My blue fire is filling every sky you see
My voice creates the vibes of the air that you breathe
I've seen birth and death of many moons
I've seen your death deep in my minds

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